SCORE Spokane volunteers are real-world professionals with time- tested knowledge who donate thousands of hours to help small businesses like yours succeed. Counselors are experts in such areas as accounting, finance, marketing, technology, management and business plan preparation.

    Services offered by SCORE include: 

    • Free face-to-face business counseling/mentoring -- by appointment only
    • E-mail counseling/mentoring
    • Workshops

    Spokane SCORE Workshop Series

    How to Start a New Business

    How to Write a Business Plan

    Small Business Marketing and Sales

    QuickBooks Financial Management


    Workshop Cost:  $40 pre-registered, $50 at the door,
    $15 for an additional person from the same company.
    Save $35 -- only $125 pre-paid for the four workshop series.

    LOCATION: SBA Training Room
    801 W Riverside, Suite 444
    Spokane, WA 99201

    Please note: Each workshop requires a minimum of three registrants. If you are enrolling a day or two before the workshop is scheduled, or plan to enroll at the door, please contact the SCORE office to find out if the minimum registration criteria has been met.  If you register at the door, there is an additional $10 charge.

    To sign up, visit scorespokane.org/workshops.php





    SCORE Small Business Resource Guide for Businesses in Spokane, North Idaho, Eastern and Central Washington. In addition to local, regional and national contacts, the guide includes a starting a business checklist, helpful articles, business planning and legal information, resources, and how and where to go to get a business loan and what your need to have. Check it out! (This is 54 pages/3 meg - please allow time to download)

    Your local SBA - Serving Washington AND North Idaho - Locations, area Resource and Lending Partners. The SBA office has recently downsized, and may not always be open during regular business hours. It is a good idea to call before you go downtown. Most information is now available online.

     The Spokane Public Library is a quick and reliable way to get answers to your business related questions.  Rather than spending valuable time trying to track down information, turn that task over to the information professionals and keep your focus on making your business efficient and profitable.



    Support America’s Small Business
    Your ongoing support of SCORE, mentor’s to America’s Small Business helps ensure sustainability and  increased opportunities for entrepreneurs, and  small business owners.  Your tax deductible donation ensures that Spokane SCORE will remain as a  generous resource and piece of the nation’s fabric,  today and for generations to come.

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Feb 24 2017 3:02PM

Find answers to your tax questions with the Interactive Tax Assistant

Find answers to your tax questions with the Interactive Tax Assistant   Find reliable answers to your tax questions when you need them with the Interactive Tax Assistant on IRS.gov. The ITA is a tax law resource that asks you a series of questions and immediately provides you answers on a variety of tax law topics.

There are various tax law categories within the ITA, including, general filing questions, as well as specialized topics, all updated to reflect 2016 tax law. Five new topics were added recently:

• Am I Eligible to Apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

• Do I Have Income Subject to Self-Employment Tax?

• Do I Need to Report the Transfer or Rollover of an IRA or Retirement Plan on My Tax Return?

• Can I Exclude Income Earned in a Foreign Country?

• Can I or My Spouse Claim Part of a Refund Being Applied Toward a Debt Owed by the Other Spouse?

Once you answer the questions, you'll get an immediate response to your specific tax issue. ITA is accurate, and you can print the answers for your records. Simply type “Interactive Tax Assistant” in the search box on IRS.gov for easy access to the answers you need. If you use ITA’s search feature and the requested topic isn't covered by the tool, then you may be sent to the IRS.gov Tax Trails application. You can also use our topic lookup tool, the IRS Tax Map.


Links to help taxpayers find the information



• Take steps now for tax filing season


IRS YouTube video

• Interactive Tax Assistant

Help for Taxpayers (ASL)

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How to create and execute a Small Business Marketing Plan

How to create and execute a Small Business Marketing Plan


Simple steps to building an applicable marketing plan with tactics and strategies.  The workshop covers simple steps to building an applicable and actionable marketing plan. You'll learn how to develop tactics and strategies that are usable from day one


Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 9:00 am – 11:00 am

Location: SBA, 801 West Riverside Ave., Suite 444

Regular Fee $25 pre-registered – and $15 additional person

Regular Fee $40 at the door –  and $15 additional person




We Help Small Businesses Like Yours

Since it's inception in 1964, SCORE has been  a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses build a strong foundation in order get started, grow, and achieve business goals through education and mentorship. SCORE's 364 chapters hold events and workshops across the U.S. and its territories, and match up entrepreneurs with local, volunteer mentors.  Headquarted in Herdon, Virginia, SCORE is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).